Hobby projects

This are models I made in my spare time, just for fun.

My Graduation Project

The assignment I gave to myself was to create a character within a world.
I wanted to learn ZBrush, so I implemented it into my project.
Everything came together in the unreal 3 engine, wich I have extended examined.
For an impression movie of the world watch this movie:

ZBrush / Max


This is a prototype of class based fighting game for a school project for an extern company.
The client was W!games, which also supported us in the development process
The assignment was to create a working prototype with some genre twist.

Click here to download a build of the game.
You need 2 Xbox controllers to play it toghether.
And you also need one of these driver to play with 2 contollers:

Windows 32bit Windows 64bit

The games underneath here are games from Xfom.
I had my internship with Xform and helped along with some games.
Click on the title to play the game.

Hydro Storm

For Hydro Storm I made 3 complete levels.
Cave, River and Beach.

Burnin rubber 3

Beside these cars, I also helped with the building blocks for the levels.

Burnin rubber 4

For this game I made this boats and planes.

Go Kart Go Turbo!

Besides the baboon I created the track 'Harvest road' for this game
And I did the animations for the rhino.

Dance Trends 3D

I made some accessories for Dance Trends3D. Besides that I made a lot of the textures.

Rally Point

For Rally Point I helped along with the building blocks and created several tracks with them.